About us

Novum Partners is a boutique legal recruitment firm. We are based in London and provide recruitment services to leading law firms and companies across a wide range of industries and stages of growth.

Our approach

We’ve built our company with a focus on transparency, accountability and delivering results:


People are at the centre of everything we do, and we believe the best way to ensure success for our clients, the lawyers we advise and ourselves, is to operate in a fully transparent manner.


We have confidence in our ability to deliver, and we are willing to take responsibility for delivering what we say we will. We do this by offering our clients a variety of engagement options that align our incentives with successful outcomes.


Above all, we’re proactive and focused on delivering results. We have a commercial and pragmatic approach to our work, and our clients value our willingness and flexibility to work with them where they want, how they want.

We start by listening to our clients, and as soon as we understand their specific needs, we draw on our professional networks, industry knowledge and internal research resources to find the right people.